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16"-18" adjustable choker with a single Brown Sparkle lampworked glass bead in the shape of a bobbin (or 'spool' to the sewers among us..) to delight the Fiberista in your heart. Each bead is wound with recycled silk yarn from Peru, but it wont hurt my feelings if you want to clip it off and personalize with your own handspun. The classic shepherds hook clasp is hand forged solid copper, as is the matching beaded chain, and you can expect them to change from their shinny copper color to a darker patina over time, yet a nice finish is easy to maintain with a quick once over using a polishing cloth. Most of the Bobbin Beads tend to be 3/4” ~ 1” in length and 1/2” in diameter, however I reserve my artistic license to allow some leeway, as each is handmade. The Sparkle in the Brown comes from a light application of reduction frit that creates shinny spots on the glass surface.
Brown Sparkle Bobbin Bead Necklace
Enjoy ~

Brown Sparkle Bobbin Bead Necklace

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