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Take My Socks

This sounds like it could be about footwear, but it’s really about color and the choices we make. Or the choices we can’t make. How many times during a class does someone ask me THE QUESTION. You know. The “What color would go with this?” question. My standard issue answer is “Color is such a personal decision. I think you should pick 2 or 3 and maybe take a poll”. Perfect. Gets me out of the loop. This way, the decision is made in a democratic fashion, everyone gets to add their two cents and if the color stinks it’s not my fault. Even better, there is always someone who has a flair for choosing colors that pop. This person is immediately crowned the class color expert and all future questions are directed to them. A good reason for all this is because my personal color preferences tend to be in the safe zone. Take my socks. While sitting here looking at my feet it dawns on me that the colors are NOT in my safe zone. Just WHERE did that blue come from? If I had made that decision - the blue would have clearly been Ivory! So if you, like me, are occasionally color challenged, start looking at things differently and take notes. Take a walk on the wild side. You just never know when inspiration will get a foot up on you.

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