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Beads, Ribbon, Clay

Beads, Ribbon, and Clay. Three of My Friends, playing together and getting along just fine. After making all those clay components I feel I should be using them. So while hanging out at the camp this summer I pulled out the supplies and got to work at the crafting table. We have no cable TV at the camp. Many evenings were spent at that table talking and having cocktails with Mr D and the girlfriends. If I ever get the notion to install cable, please – give me a swift kick in the shins. Most of the pictures here were taken at that table with varying degrees of light and cocktails, so lets all just pretend we are looking at Quality Images.

sari ribbon beaded necklace guilded ceramic pottery focal

For this project I used about 36” of sari ribbon, a coordinating mix of seed beads including various sizes, colors, finishes and types, 2 accent beads, and a focal clay component. Start by stringing about 19” of beads, or however long you you want the length of the cording. The accent beads and focal component will add some length as well. I made mine to slip over the head eliminating the need for a clasp. Center the bead strand on the center on the ribbon, and sew through the ribbon, leaving a tail of equal lengths on each side of the ribbon. The next row of beading will create loose netting of random lengths. String 1 1/2” to 2” of beads, then pass needle through a bead from the first row making sure the work lays flat.

sari ribbon beaded necklace guilded ceramic pottery focal

When the second row meets the beginning of the first row, weave the ribbon thru the beaded netting then sew thru the ribbon, add any accent beads, then a length of seed beads to form the loop that will connect to the clay focal.

sari ribbon beaded necklace guilded ceramic pottery focal

Pass thread back thru focals and use the thread to tie a knot around the ribbon to cinch it up for a polished look. Weave the tails of the ribbon back up and thru the beaded netting leaving about 2” to use as a wrap that will be the finish.

Continue making freestyle beaded netting along each end to encompass the ribbon, adding thread as needed, and creating a beaded loop on the opposite side to match the first. Pass thread through the loops a second time to reinforce things when you are working on the ends.

sari ribbon beaded necklace guilded ceramic pottery focal

When you have made as much netting as desired, use the ribbon tails to make a little wrap, tucking in the end. Secure the wrap with a standard sewing needle and matching thread using tack stitches.

I really enjoyed making this necklace. The freestyle beading is super easy with no pattern or counting. Just select your favorite beads and your good to go. Below is another necklace made in the same style using different colors. If you decide to try this out, please share your rendition - I would love to see your results!

sari ribbon beaded necklace guilded ceramic pottery focal

Thanks for taking a look - and take care - somebody loves you!!

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