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Keep It Simple

Keep it simple. Three little words suggesting we shed the complications life throws at us, march forward, and leave behind all the things that weigh us down emotionally, spiritually, or materialistically. I'm not sure about you, but that last one is a kicker for me. In case you don't know, I like Stuff. Especially when it comes to my precious crafting supplies. The pile keeps getting bigger even tho I put myself on a restricted diet, forbidding any more visits to AC Moore, which was all well and good until I found myself by chance at the door of Michaels. In all fairness, I was recycling an old TV at Best Buy and Michaels is in the same plaza. You know I had to take a look. With eyes closed, and a deep breath, I asked the Gods for forgiveness and entered the doorway. Know what I found? A New and Improved Michaels.... It was about this time I begged for mercy, because beautifully displayed, front and center, were all the jewelry supplies and Beads. Lots and Lots of Beads. So I did what any self respecting beadaholic would do and went shopping.

This little rule bending craft store visit was quickly justified by the UFO's (Un-Finished Objects) back in the studio. In order to wrap up some of these projects I did need some alphabet beads, elastic, a StazOn ink pad, and a die punch. The adhesive came home for no other reason than I'm a compulsive adhesive purchaser. Oh Well. I'm sure someday I'll need it. Upon check out I forgot that Michaels takes AC Moore coupons (and vice versa in case you didn't know) so I paid full price. Again, Oh Well. One little (annoying..) thing both stores do is give out coupons at the register, usually 40% off one regular priced item – good starting the next day. Taunting little Stinkers. I show restraint by sending my daughter with coupon in hand to buy me another die punch, next size up, since she was in that neck of the woods doing errands anyway.

So...the way I look at it is, the tool box is better rounded out, the die punches are guaranteed for life (sarcastic !!!!!), the elastic was used for a bracelet repair job, only 6 alphabet beads were actually needed to finish up a cool little bracelet - so the other 394 will be absorbed into the stash for future projects. Lastly, the know.....whatever. But HEY! The household is down a large TV that took up waaay more space than these few crafty items, so all in all, our interior mass is still lower in spite of the forbidden craft store visit.

It's all good.

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