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Best Shoes Ever

So. I wasn't planning on writing a blog post about making these shoes so I didn't take before pictures, but I'm sure you can use your imagination. It wasn't rocket science. :) Find a pair of shoes that are nice and comfy. Worn out is even better. If you must, hit up the local thrift store for some cheap-o's to sacrifice for guilt free pleasure and practice. If you don't have a bin of scrap fabric (bet you do...), find some old clothes to re-purpose, or hit up the fabric store. Your not going to need much. Shoes are pretty small. I wanted some tulle so I purchased a quarter yard of several colors at a cost of 25 cents each. The other investment (about 5 bucks) was a tube of household GOOP. A little smelly to work with, but it works great at holding everything together. Other things gathered for this project were some felt, ultra suede, embroidery thread, yarn, antique buttons and beads (ya think?). Pretty much anything that tickles your fancy and can be glued on is fair game. If you want to dress up your fabric before gluing it on, try stamping or fabric paints. The dimensional or puffy paints would be cool, as would the GLITTER paints!!

Begin with prepping the shoes by giving them a light sanding. Wipe them off well and let the fun begin! Start cutting and gluing until your hearts content. This is a great time to throw the idea of 'less is more' to the wind and pile on the bling.

I started by gluing the first layer on using a piece of multi colored fabric after having cut it into sections to isolate the colors. This way I was able to have different colors, yet the fabric looked somewhat related. The second layer is a the tulle. Purple. Purple holds a place in my heart. Just a bead of glue around all the edges was enough to hold it down and not have the glue interrupting. While doing this, I was toying with different ideas of how to trim it above the heal. So I decided not to. Trim it that is. Instead I just gathered it, and left a little tulle tassel. How cute! Sometimes cool things happen when you just go with the flow.

To make this project qualify, and using the GOOP, I glued glass cabochons to the very back of the shoes. Spring clamps came in handy to hold them in place while drying.

After that...well...let the games begin!!! Felt embroidered leafs? Sure! Tulle tutus with antique button accents? Why not! Beads? You bet! Tantalizing toe tips? Of Course! Just keep on adding doo-dads and what-nots until those shoes are hotter than a pancake in the frying pan on Sunday morning. Trim it all out with some yummy yarn and BAM – now were talking FUN SHOES!!

So. If you have been inspired to play with your footwear, please shoot an email to and tell me about it. Send a picture too! I would love to see what you have come up with. Was this fun? Yes. Will I do it again? What do you think... :)

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