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Make New Friends

Last week My Passion and I had a little falling out. It wasn’t cooperating the way I wanted it to, or perhaps I was pushing it to extremes, but in any case I declared time for a break. Not “breaking up” mind you, just a little time out to take a breather. Spending vast amounts of time with any one thing can get on my nerves. Fast forward a couple of days later. While pretending to prepare for a fusing class (the kinder gentler form of My Passions split personality) I found myself chatting with a coworker in the clay room. Ok. Chatting would be better described as poor Larry on the receiving end of my rant. My Passion had me perplexed. I just couldn’t figure out WHY??? Larry, being a wise man, had quietly handed me a slab of clay to play with while I was bitching. Slowly, the clay transformed my attitude. I was making little buttons and do-dads, and actually started enjoying myself.

I made a new friend.

Also, I discovered how much fun those rubber texture roller pads can be. Since then, the pile of little thingys has really grown. Now I’m thinking how to finish them in ways other than standard glazing. I’m even thinking of sprinkling them with some glass powders, perhaps even My Friend Mica just to see how they melt in the kiln. Full circle to My Passion again. Shocker. But really - how much fun will it be to see how these two friends will get along? Will they play nice? Inquiring minds need to know. Time to score these kids a playdate.

Thru all this, the amount of Stuff is growing. Now I have all these pottery components that have grown into a collection. Pictured is a (very small) sampling of my recent adventures with clay. Please. DONT ask what I’ll be doing with it all, except for sure this will be the summer of Bohemian style jewelry. And DONT SAY I’m too old for that Hippy Stuff. Just be polite and whisper it behind my back. Thank You. Why I feel the need to serial kill every new project is beyond me. HOWEVER, since I have MADE them, I don't consider myself having broken The Promise. You know. It’s the (silly...) idea of using what you have on hand instead of buying More Stuff (that you really don't need). Whatever. Its not like I’m a hoarder or anything. I much prefer Gatherer/Collector. Yeah. That sounds nicer.

Now. At the same time my Dad has decided the time has come to clean out my Moms sewing room, changing it into a guest bedroom before Aunt Betty and Uncle Fred come for their spring visit. Mom died 3 years ago. Her whole life she was an avid sewer, crafter, painter ect. At one point when I was little she even had a full on ceramic studio. Too bad I was busy playing Barbies. Did I mention that Clay is my New Friend? Yep. Gonna raid the NOS ceramic tools in the basement too. In any case - this clean out needs to happen, Dad wants it done, but he is still not emotionally up to it, so guess who gets the job....

That room is the Mother Load. Literally. A lifetime of Super Cool Stuff all in one spot. The box of felt. The container of ultra suede. Antique sewing notions. Books. Needlework Stuff. Sparkly do-hickeys. And did I mention all the BUTTONS!!??!! O.M.G. Yes. I did. I took them all. I SWEAR! The only person in the world who has a better button collection than Mom is Me. And I’m just fine with that. Lets say its the Collector in me. I just love buttons. They are definitely going to make good New Friends too. And PS - in no way does this qualify as having broken The Promise. None of the above afore mentioned Stuff was in fact a purchase. But please, lets not discuss WTH I’m doing making more gosh darn buttons with clay. Were not going there.

All this brings us to - what will become of all this Stuff? Most mornings upon awaking come my best ideas. At least I think so. That the ideas are good. Thoughts dance around suggesting that some of these new friends need to be introduced to each other. Not to say we should ever forget our old friends. You know. The ones we don't talk to for years, but pay them a visit and its like no time has passed at all, picking up our friendship right where we left off. Like macramé. Introduce something like that, then the cocktail party becomes MUCH more interesting!

Lets just say every artist needs A Passion, but two-timing with another friend once in awhile is good for the head. Then, when you decide to reunite with your Passion, it will be With Passion. Perhaps, at the same time some other friends will go along for the ride. And if you find it pleases you - makes you happy: its ~Art~.

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